Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Home Grown Goodies

Harvest time already! Here we have some fresh green beans, carrots and shallots, lettuce and beetroot all home grown. Delicious :)

The tomatoes are growing ok in the hanging baskets but the ones in the green house have a blackness on the bottom. Someone suggested this means they need more water but they are watered twice a day (*cough* not by me) so we're not sure. I will have to google this problem unless anyone knows why?


  1. They all look really yummy - except the tomatoes. I'm wondering if it is blight on the tomatoes. I don't know much about it but I've given up growing them as they kept getting it. They mostly went brown/scabby looking and the leaves/stems went brown/black too.

  2. Oh how lovely - the shallots & carrots look great. I've only got tommys & chillies on the go which is more than last year! This link looks your poorly tomatoes - blossom end rot

  3. used to grow my own, but have not done so in a while, might give it a go again as yours look so inviting

  4. yes, I agree, blossom end rot, I had it one year. I worked in a school science lab and got the right chemicals to feed the soil, but lost it in the move to wiltshire, so cant help I'm afraid.
    the rest looks lovely.
    joy x x

  5. ohh thanks for letting me know-will look it up. It's weird it's only on the ends-maybe it's the wiltshire soil ;)

  6. Your crop looks good enough to eat!
    (except maybe for the tomatoes!)lol