Friday, 14 May 2010

Time for a cup of tea!

Before I came to live in England I didn't drink a lot of tea, now I do! When I worked in London my fellow workers and I would drink tea in the morning, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. It was given if something bad happened or someone was upset and for something good there was champagne but that's another story! everyone drank tea (or coffee)
My favourite tea is earl grey along with any normal brand but I also drink herbal teas such as lemon & ginger, green tea with lemon, peppermint, raspberry & strawberry and vanilla & camomile. My very good friend Cath also introduced me to chai tea with soy milk and honey which we would drink in Brisbane when we met up.
So I had to buy a teapot and I've been looking for a tea cosy and found these gorgeous items from my fellow folksy shops. Love them all!

Vintage Rose Handcrafted Accessories The Crafty Bride
Andrea Lesley Crochet Magic Minky
Tafferty Designs tinyinc


  1. Hey, I'm an expat in UK as well. :) Are you from America? One of my fav teas is Earl Grey too.

  2. I love the berry tea cosy! SO cute! I remember all those honey and lemon teas you used to make me! Always made me feel so loved! xox

  3. What a lovely selection, I drink a lot of tea and many thanks for featuring my blue beaded tea cosy!

  4. Anonymous14.5.10

    Tea always tastes better from a pot, especially with a rather cute cosy.
    So delightfully eccentric, a lovely selection.
    Cate x

  5. Anonymous14.5.10

    I always feel spoilt when I drink real tea made with proper tea leaves. Even better from a pot kept warm with a cute cosy.

    Thanks for featuring one of my cosies. I do love your blog!!


  6. Oh, a good cuppa. It's a long time since I've had tea in a pot (sorry, proper ladies). But I would love to serve tea with one of these cosies!

  7. I'm not a tea lover but I am a tea cosy lover! Such talent - these are all startlingly good. x

  8. Thanks for includeing my berry tea cosy. The other cosies are absolutely beautiful. I love a good cosy!!


  9. Hi Miss Mary Elliot. Thank you so much for featuring my Turquoise Flower Garden tea cosy! It's a fantastic collection you have selected so it's an honour to be one of them! A great honour indeed!

    I love Chai and Rooibos. Both Chai and Rooibos need some time to brew so it's always best to prepare them in a tea pot. :-) I am on a mission to try as many teas from around the world as possible. I think I need more contacts in the world! LoL...

    Thanks again for the mention and lovely compliment.

    Tafferty Designs

  10. Tea in a teapot served in china cups and saucers with scones jam and cream perfect. I love the berry coloured one

  11. Anonymous6.8.10

    thanks for featuring my tea cosy and hope you enjoy